Spuro : a  Framework Blockchain


Quickly start  your blockchain projects with Spuro Blockchain Platform. Simplify development and ease experimentation . Innovate with confidence on an open, trusted, and globally available platform.

Spuro Blockchain platform is the world of Blockchain what WordPress is to the world of the Web

Get up and running quickly


with Spuro Blockchain Platform, configure and deploy a consortium network with just a few clicks. Ideal for dev/test exploration.

Build applications in days, not months


Reduce time and development costs with predefined integrations services needed for application development. The signature, hash, and routing tools transform messages into the expected format of the blockchain’s native API. Synchronize data on the chain with off-line storage and databases for easy questioning of credentials and visualizing general ledger activity

Connect your blockchain to your business


Easily integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems and applications Extend capabilities with a REST-based API for client development and a message-based API for system-to-system integration.

Our technologies

Structured architecture
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ZKIP for: Zero Knowledge Interactive Proof
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No specific electricity consumption
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Auto executable program
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Public blockchains

Our team

Benjamin, Marc, Miguel, Jacques, a base of four people working on the governance of this platform. Passionate, motivated geeks to deploy a universal blockchain. The project started in 2015, in 2016 mockup and test, in 2017 first operational platform, 2018 First customer implementation: Discover our team  : Contact

They accompany us

Operational blockchain

Join the Blockchain in your area or create your Blockchain

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Download the "platform"

Our platform will serve as a basis for deploying your Blockchain (free download)

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Download our SmartContracts

Use our “SmartContrats” several available and operational features

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Simple integration into your applications, without changing your processes

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Market your SmartContracts

Present your SmartContrats on our platform to market them

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Tokens Management SPR

Tokens are new digital active categories born from this technology

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